He answered my prayers that day;

 out of all those prayers in the crowd?

I spoke to Him quietly,

So I know I wasn’t too loud.


I will admit, however,

that my prayers were more of a cry.

For Him to give me another chance at love,

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.


Then without warning, you came along with just a simple wave,

I didn’t expect that from you.

From prior experience, hating me to say the least,

was all I ever knew you to do.


In accordance with His plan;

surprised, He left me once more.

I never could have dreamed

you would be the one to walk through my door.


Simultaneously, my house and heart doors were completely open to you

and within just a few seconds there was no doubt.

That the physical man standing before me

was the man I’d always dreamed about.


Our love has grown very fast

and continues to do so every day.

We would wed tomorrow;

if only He would provide a way.


Very soon that day will come

and officially I’ll be your wife.

However, until that day finally arrives

I’ll pretend to hold that title in your life.


Thank you for loving me

more than I’ve ever known.

I’m beyond excited about our future

my mind, you’ve definitely blown.


I know He answered my prayers that day,

the crowd was certainly outdone.

Perhaps He only heard my prayers

because I obviously won!