They fell…


They Fell

What more did you want?

What more could one do?

She gave you her heart

You said she had yours too.

Just as you asked,

she waited for you, 

She still stares at that blue tape 

 and wishes for it to be true.

She thinks of you often

and remembers your lies.

There is no longer a wonder

why the ones before her said their “goodbyes.”

Even still,

she deemed it their loss.

Little did she know,

She would bear her own cross.

She had so many dreams

living together day by day.

She had no idea, 

you weren’t planning to stay.

If she would have known

she still wouldn’t have changed.

she is still waiting,

confused and deranged. 

She’d do whatever she could 

to figure you out.

What did she do?

When did this come about?

She now realizes

there was never a “when.”

Broken dreams and promises

over and over again.

She wasn’t alone,

there were more victims. 

They all fell flat

to your well-oiled system.

You wanted for nothing

because you always got.

By guilting so many

in your grave, you shall rot.

The hearts that you broke,

the souls that you stole; 

without a tear in your eye

you continue to enroll.

Their hearts and minds,

both are your prey

Sleep, what is that?

They think of you night and day.

Of all those you fractured

and souls that you stole,

Be rest assured

For her, there is no console?

It’s been said, “Karma’s a bitch.”

She hopes that it’s true.

Pain, torture and hurt, 

She wishes upon you.

You played her a fool

for believing your lies.

She is now aware,

You’ve lost your mask and disguise.

What was your goal?

It can’t be that simple.

For all those you used, 

and for those that you cripple.

She writes this poem

to take their stand

against you and your arrogant 

thunderous hand.

If ever you see

how much you hurt her, 

She’ll be waiting as promised 

and proceed as you were.

Not everyone’s your enemy,

and she truly does love

the few special moments

sent from above.

She’ll remember those times 

for the rest of her life, 

yet she still hopes you feel

Karma’s sweet knife.