Happy 16th Birthday; Angel Baby!

Notes to Others...



Happy Sweet 16th Birthday in Heaven,

Genesis Rebecca Mayne

June 19, 2001–June 19, 2001


You were born 16 years ago today,
and I thought maybe you were here to stay.
But you see God needed another angel that day, 
So you were taken away.

The Lord took you home early
much sooner than I had planned.
I wish I could have touched your precious face
along with your adorable little webbed hand.

I wish I could have kissed you goodbye,
but sadly I didn't have that chance.
The doctors were busy saving my life
so I couldn't even give you a glance.

Soon it will be time
for me to come home too.
And when I do be rest assured
we'll have a lot of catching up to do.

So when my time comes and you see me standing
at the pearly gates,
Kisses and hugs I will want from you,
do not hesitate!

Mommy will be home for Eternity!