He answered my prayers that day;

 out of all those prayers in the crowd?

I spoke to Him quietly,

So I know I wasn’t too loud.


I will admit, however,

that my prayers were more of a cry.

For Him to give me another chance at love,

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.


Then without warning, you came along with just a simple wave,

I didn’t expect that from you.

From prior experience, hating me to say the least,

was all I ever knew you to do.


In accordance with His plan;

surprised, He left me once more.

I never could have dreamed

you would be the one to walk through my door.


Simultaneously, my house and heart doors were completely open to you

and within just a few seconds there was no doubt.

That the physical man standing before me

was the man I’d always dreamed about.


Our love has grown very fast

and continues to do so every day.

We would wed tomorrow;

if only He would provide a way.


Very soon that day will come

and officially I’ll be your wife.

However, until that day finally arrives

I’ll pretend to hold that title in your life.


Thank you for loving me

more than I’ve ever known.

I’m beyond excited about our future

my mind, you’ve definitely blown.


I know He answered my prayers that day,

the crowd was certainly outdone.

Perhaps He only heard my prayers

because I obviously won!


3 thoughts on “Won

  1. Just be careful. You’re his only way out of his Mom’s apartment. Google “love bombing”. Wendy wouldn’t set a date because of the enormous debt and legal actions and his inability to hold a job. When women contacted me to warn me, I didn’t believe them. He said every right word, our love, our connection blah blah blah. He was trying to move in here in April. I also wanted him to get on his feet first so he ghosted. Then a few months ago missed me. I am healing, just now understanding that the words and promises didn’t match. So, I sincerely wish you both happiness. I really mean that. I would love to see him happy and Travis too. Just wonder about the rush and be careful with your money. I’m sure he told you about me, but not a word of truth. Be careful. God bless you and grant you clarity and total truth.

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    1. I guess I’m a bit lost or “in the dark” so to speak. Who are you, you never mentioned your name to know if he has “told me about you.” I do want to be careful so can you clue me into this “enormous debt and legal actions” you speak of. I am unaware of both of these things. I suppose I need you to be more specific because I’m in the dark and in panic mode now. Please respond ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to offer me insight that I obviously am clueless about.. 😕


      1. Just please take your time and be careful. I do not want to see Jeff and Travis alone. Really. It’s just that I was that “oh my gosh, this is too good to be true, I have never ever ever been loved like this” gal and I was warned by two women. It’s taken a long time to release and differentiate what was real and what was love bombing. I believe he means it when he says it. If you pull a credit report, everything will be on there. Honestly just pray for clarity and truth. He was still telling me to just say the word and he would pack his bags and be here immediately a few months ago. It’s been very hard for me. Everyone deserves to be happy. I just felt I had to make you aware of the trail of torn apart gals. We all thought one thing: this time it’s different. I hope really this time it is. Best of luck to you. Everyone deserves to be happy.


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